tanjaTanja-Ilse Ehmke

Tanja has been involved in the financial Advisory business for over 14 years. She has been an integral part in assisting both the staff and management in the companies under her care with their Financial planning.

Tanja is a qualified AFP and has been involved in Financial Workshops at the Netcare Hospital Group as well as The Cold Chain. Tanja has assisted staff in debt management, budgeting and investing in the correct investment tool.

Her ability to communicate in layman’s terms allows people to walk away from her workshops better equipped.

Her experience has shown her that due to individuals not understanding the Assurance industry, they are easily misled. Tutela offers training for all employees from top management to blue collar in becoming more financially fit. This would include discussing budgets, loans, property and other investments.

Finances are a huge part of any individuals stresses which leads to an employee being less productive when they are not able to give their duties their full attention. Knowing that a specialist is at hand to assist has always had a positive effect on these individuals.


We are an Authorised Financial Services Provider

Our FSB Number is 17385