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  1. Input your income and expenditure by clicking in one of the fields below and entering the amount. You should not enter the R (Rand) symbol.
  2. You can enter amounts weekly, monthly or annually.
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Income R Weekly R Monthly R Annual
Your wages and your partners wages (after tax)
Social Welfare benefits (e.g unemployment benefit, carers allowance etc.)
Child benefit
Maintenance Payments
Essential Expenses R Weekly R Monthly R Annual
Food and groceries
Rent or mortgage
Insurance (life, health & home)
Gas, oil & electricity
Clothes & shoes (basic needs)
Doctor & dentist visits
Car expenses (petrol)
Car expenses (tax, insurance, repairs)
Work expenses (transport, lunch)
Phone (basic needs)
Cable TV (basic needs)
Maintenance Payments
School expenses
TV Licence
Service Charges (Water & Refuse)
Non-essential Expenses R Weekly R Monthly R Annual
Entertainment (films, concerts)
Eating out & takeaways
Alcohol & cigarettes
Gym/club membership
Pocket money
Pet food
Loans & Other debts R Weekly R Monthly R Annual
Personal-loan repayments
Credit card repayments
Credit union repayments
Car-loan repayments / finance
Hire purchase
Store Cards
Money lenders
Regular Savings R Weekly R Monthly R Annual
Savings account
Money for emergencies
Christmas/Savings Club
Results R Weekly R Monthly R Annual
Total income
Total Spending
Income less spending