The advances in health care means that the life span of the average person has increased dramatically. A longer life expectancy increases the likelihood that you will be able to work longer but you will also need to save more for your retirement. Your retirement contributions are likely to be the largest investment you will ever make.

The amount you need to save differs from person to person and is largely dependant on each individual’s expectations on retirement, e.g. various lifestyles, retirement age and life expectancy. Over and above this there are unpredictable factors such as inflation and investment performance to consider. Your financial advisor can work out a specific financial plan for you to ensure that you are saving in relation to your needs.

Whilst a retirement plan may not ensure you have the exact standard of living you are accustomed to, it is important to start saving whatever you can afford. Don’t put it off, it’s closer than you think.

Companies represented: Momentum, Discovery, Sanlam, Liberty and Old Mutual.

Depending on your needs and the investment fund you require will determine which company we suggest.

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